Bukit Batok Garden

1 May 2021

first visit.

On our first visit, we were introduced to the tools and garden beds. Eric, a gardener there, brought us around on a tour.

Eric showed us how he converted an empty large bucket into a holder for gardening tools. With a round white plastic top covered on top of the bucket, it was also used as a table as well for neighbours to sit around the ‘table’ to chitchat and rest. (There were a few chairs there as well.)

Eric also ingeniously installed a padlock for the ‘table’ to safekeep the tools inside it.

The plots under the care of Eric were still bare as Eric was still preparing to make the soil more fertile by doing more mulching or hugelkultur in the area.

The Java ginseng growing on the plot under observation looks to be growing fine.

Java Ginseng
A nice table support.

Beside the main area of the garden, old rubber tyres were also used to grow herbs and plants.

Bukit Batok - Bare plots 1 May 2021
Plots still bare (1 May).
Rubber tires in Bukit Batok garden
Rubber tires holding herbs and plants.
Aquaponic set-up in Eric's home
Aquaponic set-up in Eric’s home

Eric invited us to his home where he showed us his aquaponics and hydroponics experiment. The lettuce was still small and looks pale in colour.

What did the gardeners do this week?

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