Hougang’s garden

Ang Mo Kio-Hougang Zone 8 Garden Known as “Le Yuan” (loosely translated as Joyful Garden) , this is a garden that sparks joy and welcomes people from all walks of life. The garden is lined with raised beds with large pathways in between to make it accessible for children and the elderly. The soil in the raised beds comprises mainly of orangey red clay that holds on dearly to water. During the rainy season, the bed got so waterlogged that the gardeners dug managed to create a mini pond out of it. They added tiny fishes and aquatic plants that filled the bed beautifully. When that passed, the gardeners worked on loosening the compacted clay and filled the bed with layers of organic matter using the hugelkultur method. The bed appears to look like it’s resting but under the thick layer of mulch would be a soil food web that is establishing itself.