Soil activations

Projects in the soil network,Inspirations for how soil and gardens build community.

From 2015-2018, our network’s work in different areas has shown us one thing: that the way to a vibrant, living community is not only through food, but through growing green sprouts. Growing something with one’s own hands is a special experience, and when it’s done with others, true bridges to diversity develop. 

We can build bio-diversity with different soil communities.

The Sauce magazine

Foodscape Pages, 2020

The Sauce – on food, community and inspiration is an independently published magazine by Foodscape Pages. The magazine gathers the voices of communities working on the ground regarding food system related issues. This inaugural issue focuses on soil as a foundation: for growing nourishing food, for mitigating climate change, for healing of self and communities, and for reconnecting our elemental source of nourishment with Mother Nature.

Welcome to Our Backyard (WOBY)

Aljunied Crescent, 2016

Tanah – WOBY at Aljunied Crescent, 2016

On invitation from Participate in Design (P!D), Tanah built a sensory edible garden for people of all ages in the common area of Aljunied Crescent, outside an elderly daycare and in between residential blocks.


Tanah – Archifest 2016

Raffles Place, Archifest, 2016

On invitation from the Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects (SILA), Tanah built an urban farm on the open green area above Raffles Place MRT Station.

Cassia Seed Project

Cassia Crescent, 2017

The Cassia Seed Project – shared food literacy with the neighbors at Blk 52, Cassia Crescent through a series of gardening and cooking classes held over 6 months. 

Partners: Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society and Cassia Resettlement Team
Supported by the LearnSG Seed Fund

Compost Collaborations


A project, map, and process spearheaded by Foodscape Collective, connecting compost-makers, food scrap givers, restaurants, cafes, and food-growers, that has brought us across the island physically and digitally.

Foodscape Collective - Compost Collaborations
Foodscape Collective – Compost Collaborations