Soil, Me and the Planet

Did you know there’s a busy world beneath our feet that props up the world as we know it?

Soil is what binds individuals, ecosystems and life processes together. Us biological beings are an inextricable part of ecological systems. 

Soil, Me and the Planet is the first of its kind program designed in Singapore to bring social and soil communities to the center of the educational conversation on ecosystem and climate change. This is because, without us acknowledging it, soil is what binds individuals, ecosystems and life processes together. 

Consisting of 10 lessons, Soil, Me and the Planet teases out and explores the intricacies of the web of life. Our approach is exploratory and inquiry based in nature. In each lesson participants work individually and in groups to examine a theme through hands-on and multimedia activities. Each activity relies on debrief discussions, intended to encourage participants’ own voices and engage critical analysis skills to absorb as well as draw from the materials.

Designed for participants 13 years and above, each lesson is 1.5 hours and includes one learning journey to a regenerative garden or farm in Singapore.

Lesson TitleTopicsOverarching Question 
Session 1: Soil + SelfDeveloping a group learning space and agreement What do I know about soil and what are my attitudes and thoughts towards it?
Session 2: Soil + LifeSoil structure, properties  and tactile engagementWhat is soil?
Session 3: Soil + the Web of LifeSoil food web, microorganisms, interconnectednessWhat keeps soil alive?
Session 4: Soil + Life Building ProcessesRhizosphere, humus, glomalin, aggregatesHow does soil rejuvenate itself and remain fertile?
Session 5: Soil + PlantsPlants, nutrients, absorption, and compostHow do plants play a part in the soil ecosystem and how are nutrients cycled?
Session 6: Soil + WaterWater cycle and biotic pumpsWhat is the water cycle and how does it enable biotic pumps?
Session 7: Soil + CarbonCarbon cycleWhat is the carbon cycle and how are we a part of it?
Session 8: Soil + Regenerative AgricultureFood system, regenerative agriculture and its principlesWhere does our food come from and how can our food system be restorative instead of extractive?
Session 9: Soil + CommunityVisit a local farm/project, connect the soil ecosystem with the social web of lifeWhat role do I and the networks that surround me play in the food system?
Session 10: Soil, Self + Moving ForwardReflect on previous lessons, categories, and resilience How can we be more intentional and mindful of our social-soil communities?

Soil Me and the Planet is our first course on soil, we are in the process of running the program. If you are interested in joining the course or, alternatively, partnering to run the program please contact us at and 

Our team is ideating on other courses, if you’re interested in working with us or discussing opportunities please reach out to the same.