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Kiat Lay – Jurong Central Park

A scene from the garden at JCP

What plants do you grow in the area?

sunn hemp, pigeon pea, roselle, okra, sweet potato leaf, peanut, grape tomato, purslane, chilli, fame flower, malabar spinach, lemon grass, mani cai, mugwort, joyweed, Indian borage, brinjal, radish, turmeric, ulam raja, basil, balloon vine, lime tree, cranberry hibiscus, perilla, kang kong, mint, tarragon, moringa, okinawa spinach, aloe vera, tapioca, green chiretta, black face general, curry leaf, laksa leaf, mulberry, kale, Brazilian spinach, long bean, cotton

Do you grow on a raised bed or directly in the soil?

Combination of the two

Roughly how large is your site?

120 sqm

What are the microclimate conditions over time? (how sunny or shady, for how long? How wet and windy is the spot?)

It’s an open area without cover. Most of the area has direct sunlight, about 10% of the area is under tree shade.

What practices do you use with the soil?

The planting beds were initially created with a mixture of clay and compost providee by NParks. Throughout the time, we bury kitchen waste, fruit peels, compost, leaves from pigeon pea and sunn hemp in the soil regularly. We also created a hugelkultur bed where we buried decomposing logs inside.

Is there anything else about your site that is worth noting?

As it’s located in a park and not fenced up, it’s accessible to the public