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Marcus Koe – Kembangan

How do we make community gardens a viable source of food supply?

Marcus Koe 

What plants do you grow in the area?

Pioneer trees, Fruit trees, Fruit vegetables, Root vegetables, Herbs, Legumes, Leafy perennials (to ask him what are pioneer trees?)

Do you grow on a raised bed or directly in the soil?

Directly in the soil

Roughly how large is your site?


What are the microclimate conditions over time? (how sunny or shady, for how long? How wet and windy is the spot?)

partial shade, increasing shade overtime as large pruned trees grow back their foliage. (to ask him wind condition, if it is affected by trees)

What practices do you use with the soil?

green mulching, Leaf litter mulching, No till, no chemicals, Some compost additions, occasional pelletised manure, Hugelkultur, Banana circle

Is there anything else about your site that is worth noting?

Site located at bottom of hill, so gets pretty wet in heavy rains. Construction rubble underneath; it’s a rather heavy clay soil.