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Ang Ee Peng – Wah Son

Living a self-sustainable way in a Japanese zen monastery for 3 years, organically farming up to 4 types of rice and more than 20 types of vegetables – Ee Peng comes back to Singapore in 2015 and continues to farm in urban spaces. She has been actively transforming an industrial space in Seletar Aerospace into farming areasĀ  with regenerative farming practices.

What plants do you grow in the area?

Pumpkin, Roselle, Okra, Eggplant, Purple Chilli, Sweet potato leaves, Kangkong, Fame Flower, Ceylon Spinach, Mustard Greens, Pak Choi.. With other herbs

Do you grow on a raised bed or directly in the soil?

Combination of the two

Roughly how large is your site?

About 1600sqm – courtyard area (800 m2); carpark (300 m2); production area (500 m2)

What are the microclimate conditions over time? (how sunny or shady, for how long? How wet and windy is the spot?)

A variety of conditions from full shade to full sun. Windy in all spots. 

What practices do you use with the soil?

Hugelculture. Using pruned tree branches as bottom layer of raised beds, green materials as second layer (uncooked food waste + Coffee grounds), third layer with garden prunings and then last layer with unconditioned clayey soil from original site.

Is there anything else about your site that is worth noting?

Materials from nursery are brought in for most plots only in the initial stages of growing. While some beds were started without compost or topsoil, only the soil originally in ground.