Why healthier soil?

We believe healthy soils make healthy communities

The project is:

A practical and communicative act of renewing culture 

Providing and fronting an alternative voice to industry giants

Scaling out rather than scaling up

Demonstrating how we can fund and maintain diverse investments for transboundary food system resilience in Asia

…that focus attention towards healthier soils, lands, and communities

Scope of the issue: soils, land, and knowledge

While a tropical climate, Southeast Asia is home to several overlapping watersheds, and soil types.

Bioregions define areas marked out by their ecological and geographical properties, home to communities and ecologies.

We use the term ‘bioregions’ here loosely as a way of directing our attention beyond national, ecosystemic, or political borders that currently divert our attention from seeing the opportunity and need at hand.

With several bioregions, comprising factors make up different soil climates. And yet, what available data we have is limited. The map on the right shows only soil classification following the World Reference Base, which focuses on soil morphology. Soil life is an equally important part of what makes up “soil”.

Soil regeneration in Southeast Asia gives us a base of similarity to work from together.

Our Vision: To regenerate soil across borders

We seek to:

  • amplify messaging in Southeast Asia
  • bring soil regeneration into programme developments of partner projects with strong community and place-based elements
  • fund support and testing for farms employing regenerative soil practices
  • expand soil regeneration in gardens and rooftop gardens in Singapore from 2020-2022
  • build strong grounds for resilient food systems that sustain themselves through 2022, and beyond