Yishun Greenwalk

written by Lotus Liow Oi Lian

There are few carpark rooftop community gardens.

Yishun Greenwalk is one of the few pioneers.

I love the various garden’s themes, in particularly the welcoming “Dragon” made from PET bottles that I saw while I step out of the lift into the garden. At ground level sits a coffeeshop with food stalls at ground floor of this garden.

Gardeners at YGW community garden mostly apply “Dig, Drop, Bury” methods into the ground of growing beds. That means the growing bed were dug as trenches and pour in with home made “pre-compost”, mix with dried garden waste, purchased compost and soil.

After the grow beds rested about 2 weeks in sunshine and under mulch, the seedlings of fruiting plants were transplant and and veggies seeds were sowed. A compost box has been crafted by gardeners using wood of cargo pallet.

It was meant for hot composting which later serve as holding box to let garden waste dry. This was due to some gardening house rules about not doing hot compost in garden for fear of attracting rodents and to maintain hygiene.